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Amy Van Daele

Mindful and Compassionate Coaching

Hello love, I am so glad you're here.

So often I've found that when people feel stuck in their lives--whether in their careers, personal or spiritual lives--it often comes back to their relationship with self. How do you speak to yourself? Do you hold space for your mistakes or do you beat yourself up? Do you have trouble forgiving yourself? Can you hear your inner guidance and do you follow it? Or do you abandon yourself in order to please others?

What if compassion could set you free? 

I want you to know that you are enough. You deserve to lead a life fulfilled. You are allowed to be authentic and simultaneously loved. You are worthy of love and acceptance. Your heart deserves to be free. Peace, joy, and happiness are available to you in this moment. This is not about “fixing” you, because, my darling, you are absolutely perfect as you are. This is about opening your heart and trusting that it may hold all of the answers you need.

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

My Approach

My coaching is built on a foundation of mindful awareness and self-compassion. With mindful awareness we turn towards whatever is arising in this moment. We create a sacred space where anything can arise and be free from judgment. If necessary (and it usually is) we apply self-compassion and understanding to these feelings. Techniques I incorporate include meditation, somatic connection, and writing, based upon the needs of each individual.

I do not measure the success of my clients based on achievements. In my personal experience, my achievements actually had an inverse relationship to the condition of my soul. It wasn’t more discipline I needed, it was more kindness. Discipline is necessary for people who are trying to achieve goals. Love is necessary for people who are trying to transform their difficulties. And, (spoiler alert) if you heal the parts of yourself that limit your life, not only will you be more fulfilled, but you may actually end up achieving more than you ever have before.

"I have worked closely with Amy as a private mentor for close to five years, and have to give her style of firm, yet compassionate guidance accolades for a significant amount of my personal success.  Amy does not coddle; she will tell you things that are challenging upon first hearing them.  That said, her instruction is always grounded in self-compassion, and the philosophy that learning to truly love and accept ourselves is the hardest part of growth.  With a heart that is most enlivened by facilitating an awakening in others, Amy possesses a unique ability to relate to others and encourage them to grow beyond their comfort level, into a place that is truly a sanctuary of the self."

Derrick Ludvickson

Music Therapist

New Jersey

Watching Amy's journey has been such an inspiration for me. Her perseverance and dedication to self-love and compassion has led her to the amazing perspective and life she has today. She does the work, on a daily basis, which enables her to share the work with others. Her continuous friendship- and gifts of service, compassion and love- have helped guide me whenever I've felt lost in relationships, work and with myself. Not only does she have the knowledge to be free, she has the experience in getting free herself. I trust her actions, words and mentorship. Through humility and grace, Amy can help you in your journey to discover your authentic self. I am so excited for you to work with her and unravel the magic that is your life! I love Amy with my whole heart.

Rachele Cipollone

Private and Corporate Yoga Instructor

Philadelphia, PA

Amy introduced me to Self-Compassion healing, and it has transformed my existence. Turning towards my pain, accepting what I am feeling, and giving myself love has expanded my world. Because of Amy's gentle encouragement and love, she reminds me again and again that dissolving my deepest pains is through loving myself. She empowers me, as I am the only one who can heal these deep, dark wounds. Amy’s enduring kindness, wisdom and expertise, gives me courage, inspiration, hope, love, and peace. Together we laugh, we cry, and we accept the perfectly "imperfect" existence of ourselves. Thank you Amy, for helping me recognize that I already am the woman I have always strived to be.

Elizabeth Norwood

Educational Therapist

Los Angeles, CA

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