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In 2009, after years of seeking outside of myself in an attempt to heal my inner world, I was graced with a pause. This moment of clarity was my first experience with mindfulness. With this space came the realization of how damaged my relationship with myself was and how this affected every aspect of my life. From that point on, I dedicated my life to healing this internal relationship, which subsequently began healing in my other relationships.

Years later, I’ve devoted my life to helping others break free from their inner obstacles in order to become their true, authentic selves. My approach includes the practices that transformed (and continue to transform) my life: meditation, mindfulness, somatic connection and self-compassion.

My practice has guided me through intense trauma, loss, chronic health issues, transitions, and transformations. There is a peace and a freedom within me that I never could have imagined. I understand the meaning of self-love and, as a result, my life and my relationships have been transformed. With the help of many teachers, I'm grateful to say I’ve created a sacred space where I can rest within myself. It would be my honor to help you discover yours.

From my heart to yours,


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