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It's all within you.
Let me help you uncover it.

The Coach
for Seekers

Amy Van Daele

What if you could release your limiting beliefs, patterns, and fears and instead jump into the flow of life as your most authentic and fulfilled self?

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You are a seeker

You desire a deeper experience than the one you've been having. You long for complete freedom from your internal blocks because you know nothing outside of you will fix you. You've tried that already. You are willing to look inward, to be still with yourself and to heal.

You've made it

Here's the secret: Everything you wish for is already inside you. There's no "fake it till you make it" here. This work is about true and lasting change that starts at the core of your being. We can tap into the peace, ease, joy, and wisdom that this very moment holds in order to guide us in deeper healing.

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Let's do this together...

Individual & Corporate



Mindfulness allows us to cultivate focus, peace, ease, and trains us to be present with ourselves and this moment without judgment. Circumstances don't need to change in order for us to experience the inner peace we seek. We may just need to change how we relate to our experiences.
Holding Hands


Personal Transformation Coaching

Once we cultivate mindfulness, we have the ability to heal the wounds that prevent us from being and living in the way we desire. It’s deep work for those ready to dive in, evolve, and heal their underlying challenges. True freedom and wholeness await.

Hi, I'm Amy

I am a transformational coach, a meditation teacher, and a corporate mindfulness instructor. I've been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2009 and am certified as a meditation teacher through UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. 


I am passionate about how the mind works and how we can heal our psychological wounds and limitations in order to truly live our "best life." A forever student, I've taken trainings in Internal Family Systems, Mindful Self-Compassion, Resilience Toolkit, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness, and many more.

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