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Amy Van Daele

Individual and Corporate Training

“If the mind dictates how we operate in the world, shouldn’t we know what’s going on up there?”


White Sand and Stone

Mindfulness practice cultivates openness and deep awareness--the prerequisites for any inner change to occur. Outward circumstances might remain the same, but we have the ability to change how we relate to them and how we relate to ourselves.


Who doesn’t want to cultivate more joy, peace, creativity, and focus? Not to mention reduce anxiety, depression, rumination, and chronic pain.


But mindfulness is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. As your guide, I will help you to find what practice works for you, your lifestyle and your specific mind. As you grow your capacity for presence, you will be more connected to yourself and others, more present in each moment, better able to navigate difficult situations and capable of healing habitual negative thought patterns.


You will quite literally change your mind.


Individual Training

This training is for individuals who seek inner peace and focus or want to manage physical or mental challenges. You may be tired of treating your anxiety, anger, depression, chronic-not-enoughness without lasting relief. You're ready to be your own calm in the storm. As we build the skills of mindfulness and meditation, we will work on healing your specific challenges as they arise in the moment.

The Details

*This offering is virtual only*   

✶ Weekly 60-minute sessions via Zoom
✶ Email guidance between sessions as needed. This is deep work. I'm not going to leave you hanging!
✶ Exclusive access to my library of pre-recorded meditations
✶ Customized meditations and practices made specifically for you based on what we are working on

These weekly sessions include mindfulness instruction, practice, and processing of what inevitably arises and blocks you from the moment. You will leave each session with new awareness and new tools as to how to work with your specific challenges. I will be there to support you in between sessions if things get hairy or you need a little extra support to get you to the next week. The goal here is to empower you with the mindfulness tools specific to you that are most effective and accessible to allow you to be at peace with yourself and your experience.
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The stress of this year has made all of us anxious, unfocused, fearful, tense, and at times unproductive. Having to navigate work either remotely or in-person hasn't helped. This program is designed to help all your coworkers come back to baseline. I give practical mindfulness tools that employees can integrate into their lives and use outside of our sessions. This isn't about getting relief in the moment, it's about creating lasting change to increase focus, calm, creativity, resilience, and overall wellbeing.
Group Meditation

The Details

*These offerings are virtual or at your location in Los Angeles only*

Option One:
✶ Weekly or bi-weekly 30-minute sessions

In these interactive sessions I will briefly discuss topics relevant to your workforce, I will teach employees how to apply mindfulness to these specific challenges, and we will practice together with the invitation that they continue the practice between sessions. These sessions aren't just about giving employees relief from stress for 30-minutes. They are about skill-building so that employees can integrate practical mindfulness tools into their every day lives. Let's make mindfulness work for your team!  

Sample Topics:
- Managing Stress
- Releasing Anxiety
- Building Resilience
- Developing Presence
- Facing Uncertainty
- Cultivating Joy
- Your suggestion!

Option Two:

✶ Keynotes, presentations, workshops

Planning a special event and looking for a speaker? There's nothing like giving your employees the gift of mindfulness. Please book a call below to discuss what your employees need and how I can help!
How can we best support your employees?
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