Corporate Programs

Bringing the Benefits of Mindfulness into your workplace



*available in-person or remotely

Packages of forty-five minute classes include:
    ◦ mindfulness teaching
    ◦ related practice
    ◦ questions and answers
    ◦ practical ways to apply the teachings

Basics of Mindfulness - 3 class package
Learn the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness and how to incorporate these tools in your day-to-day lives

Sessions cover mindfulness of breath, body, emotions, and thought. Learn how to work with difficulty, navigate stress, and cultivate self-kindness as well as how to apply all of the teachings to both work and personal life. 

Signature Program - 3, 6, or 9 class packages
Let's tailor a program specific to your company's needs!
You can either choose from classes already created, or we can customize a class just for you.

Sample topics include:
    ◦ Introduction to Mindfulness and Anchors
    ◦ Mindfulness of the Body and Breath
    ◦ Mindful of Emotions/Working with Difficulty    
    ◦ Breathing through Conflict
    ◦ Managing Stress
    ◦ Productivity, Focus, Creativity
    ◦ Staying Inspired at Work
    ◦ Working with Difficulty
◦ A custom mindfulness-related topic of your choosing
      ...and many more!

Single Classes

*available in-person or remotely
Practical Mindfulness - 1 hour

Learn how to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness in a way that works for you.


Mindfulness Breaks - 25 minute

Includes a brief discussion and meditation practice

These classes are weekly so that we can create a sustained and integrated practice for your employees and shift the company culture.

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