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Transformational Coaching


Amy Van Daele

You wish to be free, but...

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There is something preventing you from feeling fulfilled, from being at peace with yourself or your experience.

You have enough awareness to know that what’s blocking you is internal. In fact, this isn’t your first attempt in trying to fix it-----to fix you.

You wonder why you can’t just figure it out, move on, overcome, get it together.

Other people don’t struggle in the ways you do. 

You've been treating the symptom.
Healing takes place at the root.

I know you’ve imagined what it would feel like to move through life without these limitations.

What it would be like to get a grip on the anxiety, change negative relationship patterns, dismantle old beliefs, to truly love yourself (once and for all!).

All of this and more is possible. True and lasting inner freedom doesn’t have to be a fantasy. If you’re willing to look inward and heal what is calling for your attention...
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You've come to the right place.

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Transformational Coaching

This coaching is for my seekers who have tried it all. You’ve gained a lot of self-awareness from the self-help books, yoga classes, 12-step programs, or therapy, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve gotten to the root. You’ve learned to treat the symptoms of your problems, but you haven’t yet uncovered or healed the cause. You still haven’t reached the place where you’re truly at ease with yourself and your life. You desire a deeper experience than the one you’re living right now and you're willing to do the work to get there.

The details

*This offering is virtual only*

✶ Weekly 60-minute sessions via Zoom
✶ Email support between sessions as needed. This is deep work. I'm not going to leave you hanging!
✶ Exclusive access to my library of pre-recorded meditations
✶ Customized meditations and practices made specifically for you based on what we are working on

sessions are about the deep dive. I incorporate mindfulness practices into our sessions as well as other trauma-informed tools to allow us to safely hold space for what arises. But we are not just holding space in these sessions. We are healing outdated beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Healing old wounds can be hard. If it wasn't, you would have probably already healed them! Therefore, I am available between sessions to support you if something big arises and to give additional guidance as you put new ways of being into practice. You will never feel like you are going through this process alone.

I can't wait for your transformation!

Schedule a free discovery call to learn more
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