Befriending Ourselves

in Difficulty

Join us in

*Limited spots available*

A course for cultivating presence in challenging times, bringing awareness to what is arising within, and healing these parts with kind attention.

We are on a spiritual retreat folks. The ways we typically avoid, distract, and hide are gone. We are sequestered from many people we love and compelled to look at ourselves. This can cause great suffering if we haven’t cultivated the tools needed to care or cope for the untreated wounds that may arise.

Some might be experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma for the first time. It seems like everywhere relationships are straining, addictive behaviors are appearing, and long-ago buried emotional wounds are calling for attention. Let’s give ourselves a break. Deep breath. This is an incredibly difficult time. 

How are you relating to what's arising?

It's our tendency to be hard on ourselves. To fault ourselves for the way we are handling things and perhaps compare ourselves to the "others" who seem to be navigating swell (and learning a new language along the way!).


Maybe we've never learned how to be in relationship with ourselves, or perhaps this difficult time has thrown us into old behavior. But there's good news! Being triggered is the perfect time to look at what areas in us still need healing.

Let’s take this opportunity together to uncover what’s been whispering for our attention, give these parts of ourselves what they need to heal, and let go of what is no longer serving us!

You will learn how to:

∙be present with your moment-to-moment experience

∙let go of the stories you have been conditioned to believe

∙strengthen and follow your deepest intuition

∙show up as your most empowered and authentic self!

*Classes held via Zoom*

Four 75 min sessions

August 9, 16, 23, 30

12pm PT / 3pm ET

Cost is $100 for the series

Sliding scale available

*Limited spots available*

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